PYFL's Cheer Program teaches fundamental skills, proper cheer technique, and basic gymnastics to ensure safety and proper cheer development!

Congratulations to all of our Cheer teams at Pomfest 2017! Each team came home with a trophy.

5/6/7 won Second Place
8/9 were the Grand Champs
10/11/12 won Second Place

Head Coach - Brandi Scruggs

Junior Assistant Coaches:  Akaysha & Bailey

Cheer Roster:

5/6/7 TEAM - A

Head Coach - Shana Blankenship

Assistant Coaches:  Brittany Pendleton

Cheer Roster:

8/9 TEAM - AA

Head Coach - Patrick Hunt

Assistant Coaches:  Nikki Parrish

Cheer Roster:

10/11/12 TEAM - AAA