Goals Portland Youth Football League Strives to Achieve:

*  Dedicated to teaching youth through positive role models

*  Emphasis on learning, playing, and enjoying the sport while instilling high moral     standards by stressing the importance of academic achievement and community involvement

*  Helping kids become leaders and teammates

*  Fostering confidence and a sense of self-worth, in players that extend beyond the gridiron and into the school, family and community

*  To prepare youth to face the future with sportsmanship, teamwork, honesty, responsibility, self-discipline, positive aspirations, academic preparedness and confidence. If we teach them positive lessons, such as playing by the rules, our young athletes will learn to live by the rules.

*  To lend members support yet remaining NON-INTRUSIVE to local operations

*  To make youth football and cheer ALL-INCLUSIVE, by not excluding participants based on superficial factors (such as weight, finances or athletic ability).

*  To encourage programs for special needs, at-risk and anti-gang groups, as well as the international football community.

PYFL 2017 Board Members:

*  Dave Andrews - President  (615) 598-0042

*  Eddie Pannebaker - Commissioner  (615) 561-0705

*  Justin Renfro - Co-Commissioner  (615) 957-4395

*  Nick Swift - Athletic Director  (615) 970-9755

*  Nikki Parrish - Cheer Director (615) 712-0611

*  Brittany Pendleton -  Assistant Cheer Director 

*  LynnAnn Swift - Secretary

*  DeAndre Marshall - Camp Director

*  Josh Green- Equipment Manager

*  Jennifer Andrews - Treasurer

*  Samantha Renfro - Webmaster

The Portland Youth Football League (PYFL) is located in Portland, TN and was formed in 1999 to give children of Portland and the surrounding communities an opportunity to learn, experience, and enjoy the sports of football and cheerleading. We offer programs to youth from ages 6-11 for football and 5-12 for cheerleading.


PYFL is a proud member or USA FOOTBALL the official  national governing body for football from youth through the NFL. As a member of USA FOOTBALL we have trained and certified Player Safety Coach specializing in the latest initiative set out by the NFL known as Heads-Up Football that sets a new standard in concussion awareness and overall player safety. As well as all of our coaches are trained and certified through annual clinics in the latest coaching techniques and player safety.


PYFL is governed by a Board of Directors and the Middle Tennessee Junior Pro Football League (MTJFL). MTJFL consists of 12 teams from Sumner, Robertson, and Cheatham counties. We play an 8 game regular season. The top 8 out of 12 teams will move into a 3 week, single elimination play-off with the final 2 teams playing the MTJFL State Championship in the Super Bowl.

Our Coaches are committed to teaching the fundamental skills and techniques to ensure our children's safety and proper athletic development. Our coaches are also committed to raising up athletes who will compete fairly, as a team, and with class regardless of the outcome.

Members of PYFL are not only committed to raising up strong athletes and preparing them for the next level of play on the field, but also at home, in school, in the community, and in life.

Therefore we pray and believe that between the partnerships of PYFL, the City of Portland, its Parks and Recreation Department, the several area businesses and the families we represent... we can and will provide the children of Portland and surrounding communities a premier youth football program.